Planning and local government law firm

Turnbull Planning Law Advisory (TPLA) is a specialist planning and local government law firm. We work very closely and seamlessly with the team from Turnbull Planning International, Town Planners, in providing quality legal services in this highly specialised area of the law.

The synergy between planning and the law that the two affiliated firms provide, creates what we think is a unique service in New South Wales which our clients can and do benefit from.

We endeavour to achieve our clients objectives and desired outcomes, in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Legal Services

  • Planning applications and appeals for residential and commercial matters

  • Ensuring people do what the planning rules and regulations require

  • Applications relating to specialised planning controls

  • Compulsory land acquisitions

  • Tree matters

  • Applications related to conservation areas and heritage items

  • Certifications regarding unlawful works

Complex rules and regulations can cause real problems when dealing with government agencies

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