Who we are

We are highly committed consulting planners that provide advice to clients without fear or favour and take the success or failure of their endeavours relating to urban planning issues, very personally. We treat our clients equally, whether the brief relates to a significant urban renewal project, or minor alterations to their homes.

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What we do

Our working philosophy is solutions oriented, and we want to provide outcomes related to planning problems that make life easier for our clients. We believe that clients ask us to work on their development projects because they want a teammate and a mentor. We believe they want someone they can rely on for answers and solutions. Our affiliated firm, Turnbull Planning Law Advisory (Lawyers) helps with planning, government and administrative law related issues and provides effective and practical solutions, that seek to avoid litigation wherever possible.

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Where we work

We work in Australia and the United States, with a focus on the Australian Eastern Seaboard.

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Complex rules and regulations can cause real problems when dealing with government agencies

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We work as a united team with other market leading firms around the world