When is a development application ‘finally determined’?

September, 2018|

Author(s): Dr. Ian Ellis-Jones & Pierre Le Bas This is no academic issue. Often, when an environmental planning instrument or other statutory instrument comes into force and repeals or amends some earlier instrument dealing with the same or similar subject-matter, the new instrument contains a savings and transitional provision stating that the provisions of the [...]

Welcome to Sophie Litherland

February, 2017|

We are very pleased to let you know that Sophie Litherland has recently been employed by this firm as a Senior Associate. Sophie holds a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UNE and a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development at UNSW. Sophie’s experience commenced in Local Government where she spent 7 [...]

Anomalies in Statutory Construction

October, 2016|

We recently had a situation where advice by Council planners was being questioned by a client located on the South Coast of New South Wales. The development involved and related to, an existing approval to erection of a detached dual occupancy. The client was interested in obtaining development consent to a land subdivision, [...]

Categorisation and Permissibility of Uses

September, 2016|

Dr Ian Ellis-Jones conducted a briefing session on Categorisation & Permissibility of Uses at our office today. A summary of the paper is provided below. Development is always carried on for one or more purposes. The task of correctly categorising the purpose or purposes of a particular use or development proposal is a [...]

Welcome to Rachel Cook

June, 2016|

We are very pleased to let you know that Rachel Cook has recently been employed by this firm as a Town Planner. Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Regional and Town Planning from the University of Queensland and a Masters degree in Environmental Management, majoring in resource conservation from the University of [...]

Welcome to Ishara Warakagoda

May, 2016|

We are pleased to let you know that Ishara Warakagoda, has recently joined our firm and will be working here on a full time basis. Ishara has succeeded in obtaining a sponsored position and has been employed as a Town Planner. Ishara holds the degree of Master of Planning from Western Sydney [...]

Welcome to Dr Ian Ellis-Jones

October, 2015|

We are absolutely delighted and very excited to let you know that Dr Ian Ellis-Jones, a highly experienced and eminent lawyer, has joined our firm as Special Counsel.Ian has decades of experience both as an academic, consultant and public sector administrator. Ian lectured in planning, administrative and local government law at UTS for [...]

Welcome to Ms Hayley Wilson

July, 2015|

We are pleased to let you know that Hayley has joined our team as an Assistant Town Planner. Hayley particularly enjoys developing professional relationships with her clients and leading them towards equitable planning outcomes. Hayley has in the past worked at a mid-sized architectural firm and holds the degree of Bachelor of [...]

Group Homes

May, 2015|

State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (AHSEPP) was introduced to increase the supply and diversity of certain housing typologies in NSW, including group homes. A ‘group home’ is like any other dwelling when you look at it from the street. In other words it usually will have the appearance of [...]