Welcome to Ishara Warakagoda

May, 2016|

We are pleased to let you know that Ishara Warakagoda, has recently joined our firm and will be working here on a full time basis. Ishara has succeeded in obtaining a sponsored position and has been employed as a Town Planner. Ishara holds the degree of Master of Planning from Western Sydney [...]

Welcome to Dr Ian Ellis-Jones

October, 2015|

We are absolutely delighted and very excited to let you know that Dr Ian Ellis-Jones, a highly experienced and eminent lawyer, has joined our firm as Special Counsel.Ian has decades of experience both as an academic, consultant and public sector administrator. Ian lectured in planning, administrative and local government law at UTS for [...]

Welcome to Ms Hayley Wilson

July, 2015|

We are pleased to let you know that Hayley has joined our team as an Assistant Town Planner. Hayley particularly enjoys developing professional relationships with her clients and leading them towards equitable planning outcomes. Hayley has in the past worked at a mid-sized architectural firm and holds the degree of Bachelor of [...]

Group Homes

May, 2015|

State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (AHSEPP) was introduced to increase the supply and diversity of certain housing typologies in NSW, including group homes. A ‘group home’ is like any other dwelling when you look at it from the street. In other words it usually will have the appearance of [...]

Boundary Adjustments

September, 2013|

In NSW, a boundary adjustment (subdivision) can be effected without reference to Council in certain circumstances. This method of altering boundaries can be useful where there may be an encroachment of your building over your neighbours land or where it is desired to alter boundaries to follow particular landforms or features. Pursuant [...]

Tattoo Studios

July, 2013|

This particular landuse often generates disquiet and a variety of unfounded pejorative views within the community. Whilst it is possible that there could be an association between this landuse and violent behaviour or drug use, the same can be said for many other perfectly legitimate service type industries. Most tattoo artists are [...]

Welcome to Margaret and Grace

January, 2013|

Margaret Hayes joined us a little while ago as our Graphic Designer. Margaret brings a wealth of experience in planning and has had a successful career in the property development industry spanning many years. Grace Brooks is a graduate in Architectural Design from UTS and has joined the firm as an Assistant [...]

Sex Services Premises

May, 2012|

We often become involved in matters that are controversial and that may involve a 'moral' overtone. Sex premises are an example and are a legitimate landuse in NSW that may be conducted lawfully in certain circumstances, with the appropriate development consent from a consent authority. Relevant planning considerations in terms of assessment [...]

Social Impact Assessments

August, 2011|

TPI has, over the past twelve months, been helping an increasing number of clients with matters relating to the social impact of a variety of landuses. There are a number of common misconceptions regarding such impacts and TPI has the expertise to guide clients through the legislative issues, triggers for SIA, research [...]

Mr Wayne Treble

February, 2011|

Wayne has joined TPI as a Senior Associate. Wayne has a wealth of experience in Local Government with a background involving very senior positions. Wayne is a both a qualified planner and an A1 Accredited BCA expert.